Well of the Swan

  Short Story Anthology Project Well of the Swan is a short story project run by Affordable Manuscript Assessments. If this cover and title inspire you, write a short story to fit. Any genre is welcome, but consider a general audience so try not to shock readers out of their blue and pink stockings.  The rules are: Short story inspired by the picture and title.  Up to 3000 words or so Write in TNR 12 using indented paragraphs and no blank lines below paragraphs. Send to sallybyname @  No one gets paid except the printer. (That includes me.) I'll edit and compile the anthology Rights belong to the authors Authors may if they wish order a copy or several copies at cost, but are in no way obligated to do so. Deadline is December 31st 2021

Young Writers' Contest

  Young Writers' Writing Contest... Six categories; Story 13-16 Poem 13-16 Story 9-12 Poem 9-12 Story 6-8 Poem 6-8 Entry forms from DETAILS Read carefully One entry per writer per category Stories must be 1500 words or under Poems must be 800 words or under Each poem or story must include ONE of the following words in the title (and use it in a major role in the story or poem) castle, stone, dragon, bicycle, cloud, coin, rose, cobweb, pony, feather, shoe, star Each entry must carry the author's name and a working email address (parent's or teacher's is fine) and be accompanied by a completed entry form (You can get the form by sending an email to ) Each entry must be presented as a ms Word attachment, written in size 12 Times New Roman. Illustrations are welcome, but not necessary. All entries must be the original work of the author. (You may ask for help with spelling, but the story or poem should be all your own work. It m

Affordable Manuscript Assessments

This is the "light" site of Affordable Manuscript Assessments. It's a good first port of call for new clients.  Below you'll see: A list of what services we offer including costs. Clear instructions for accessing services. A list of coded jobs and their status. Services we offer (all prices are in AUD ) We offer manuscript assessment at the following rates. $26.00 for the first 5000 words or part thereof.  Any picture book text or short piece under 5000 words will be $26.00 unless it is longer than 600 words and is in rhyme, in which case it may be $36.00, depending on how much work I need to do to fix the meter. $16.00 for each 9000 words or part thereof after that.  We offer editing at the following rates. $26.00 for the first 3000 words or part thereof (unless as above- it's a long rhyming text). $16.00 for each 3500 words following. Combo; assessment + editing costs the same as editing. For more information see  Here   Instructions Send your manuscript as a